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Water 4 Cape Town


Water 4 Cape Town is a new portal designed to roll out the latest information on the Level 6 water restrictions, community activations and initiatives, top hints on water savings using grey/non-potable water for non essential uses and a list of products & suppliers in the water saving and filtration/storage business. We also plan to partner with Stellenbosch University Water Faculty to provide education within the informal settlement communities & schools as well as training courses on Water & Water Management to colleges & businesses.Water 4 Cape Town is an action oriented initiative aimed at ‘grass roots’ activation’s and longer-term education with a goal to educate and inform about the current water crisis and how we can all assist in saving water.

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To become one of the leading non-profit organizations focused on preserving clean water to the citizens of Western Cape for essential drinking and to use more grey water and non potable water as a substitute. This will be partnered hand in hand with a communications and educational awareness & training platform, created with the aim to deliver  water health and hygiene education programs, from grass roots level up to and including colleges and up-skilling businesses in water related issues

  1. Raising funding to assisting and advising citizens and businesses on how to save water
  2. Provide educational training courses & programs for colleges and businesses
  3. Educating schools and communities via grass roots activation’s and school education assistance
  4. Promote and advocate the move to non-potable and grey water for all non essential purposes
  5. To provide a database of recommended Suppliers, Products and Services
  6. To provide updated news on the level 6 restrictions and water crisis