Revised Water Restrictions

Revised Water Restrictions

As from 3 September 2017, the City of Cape Town has implemented level 5 water restrictions as a result of not enough water being saved.

Level 5 water restrictions include:

  • No hosing down of paved surfaces with municipal drinking water.
  • No irrigation/watering with municipal drinking water allowed.
  • No washing of vehicles and boats with municipal water. (These must be washed with non-drinking water or cleaned with waterless products or dry steam cleaning processes.)
  • No swimming pools may be topped up or filled with municipal drinking water.
  • Use of portable play pools prohibited.
  • Water features may not use municipal drinking water.

For a more detailed outline of all Level 5 water restrictions click here.

We can only achieve our water saving targets together. Every citizen must be water conscious, and determine the importance of their water needs in relation to the water shortages. If you have any questions about water restrictions in your area, you can contact your local municipality.

Water reduction tariffs

Under level 5 restrictions we will still be charged according to the 2017/18 Level 4 tariffs. For example, the 2017/18 domestic full tariffs (stand-alone houses and cluster residence) for water are as follow:

Water tariffs 
Water (domestic full) steps (1kl= 1 000 litres) 201/2018 level 4 tariffs rands (including vat)
Step 1 (0<6kl) R4,56 (free for inddigent households) per kl
Step 2 (>6<10,5kl) R17,75 perkl
Step 3 (>10,5 < 20kl) R25,97 per kl
Step 4 (>20 < 35kl) R43,69 per kl
Step 5 (>35 < 50kl) R113,99 per kl
Step 6 (>50kl) R302,24 per kl


The 2017/18 domestic full tariffs (stand-alone houses and cluster residence) for sanitation are:

Sanitation tariffs 
Sanitation (domestic full) steps (1kl =1 000 litres) 2017/18 Level 4 tariffs rands (including VAT)
Step 1 (>0 ≤ 4,2kl) R4,39 (free for indigent households)
Step 2 (>4.2 ≤ 7.3 kl) R14,98 per kl
Step 3 (>7.35 ≤ 14 kl) R30,31 per kl
Step 4 (>14 ≤ 24.5 kl) R49,04 per kl
Step 5 (>35 < 50kl) R59,30 per kl

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