School Education


Educational initiatives will run concurrently with the onsite community activations, which aim to provide knowledge on the current water crisis, uses of non-potable water along with other community grant programs such as “Opportunities for Water Leadership’ whereby community organizations in Cape Town may apply for support to perform water conservation projects. The educational initiative is open to schools, teachers, students, clubs and other non-profit organizations interested in performing conservation-related service projects. We are hoping for many industries to engage together to support this critical project as this is a matter which will concern ALL of us in the very near future.


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These interactive education activities help the young person to identify basic steps to adopting responsible water usage habits. Animated video clips to illustrate concepts and messages clearly. Importance of water, where water comes from and water sources.  Ecosystem and interdependencies.


Learning life skills relating to water usage and adopting habits that support effective water usage. Create content around the various intellectual concepts via artwork or writing worksheets. Including teacher’s notes and questions to ask to gauge internalising key concepts.


Management and systems that provide and clean drinking water, legal aspects, the role of the various authorities wrt end users. Equitable usage. Ecological considerations. Global as well as local climate change and our role in these.


Transferring effective water usage from a personal to a commerce environment. Focus on implementation in production and cleaning practices. Grey water system and recycling opportunities. Compliance and water audits, accreditation, maintenance and annual reviews regarding compliance and other legal requirements. Merit systems.