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Welcome to the pages of Garden ResQ pages dedicated to grey water and grey water recycling.

These pages contain grey water reuse information, interesting facts and pages that you, the reader, can comment on or even share your unique point of view. By sharing your success stories or the tips you may have on water conservation around your business or home, you assist us in educating, not only the general reader who is at this stage is possibly researching a school project but also a homeowner who is wanting to go green in their homes.

Our responsibility as a company lies not only in the marketing and sales of our grey water recycling products – but in educating and encouraging debate on how we all can contribute to a wider understanding of grey water systems and safe grey water reuse and recycling.

What we encourage in grey water recycling and reuse is not new. Grey water recycling (or graywater as an alternate spelling) has been encouraged and utilised for many years internationally as a form of irrigation and water savings. South Africa is however still a few years behind the rest of the world when it comes to the recycling and reuse of grey water but we are catching up fast
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