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Abeco Tanks
Abeco Tanks

ABECO Tanks, established in 1983 with the aim of satisfying the ever increasing need for hygienic storage of life’s essential resource, water and went about developing the most cost effective solutions to water storage needs without compromising safety hygiene quality or durability.
Using modern technology ABECO has become a leading innovator in the development of water storage solutions.

ABECO tanks is a major participant in the market with a global reach in areas including Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Central America, Middle East, and span over the entire African continent.

Our tanks are used in various sectors including mining, power generation, processing & manufacturing and public buildings such as office blocks, apartment blocks, shopping centres, hospitals, schools etc


To work together with water storage users and their service providers to satisfy their needs effectively, in so doing to establish lasting relationships. To strive through innovation and modern technology in design manufacture and installation to continually improve the quality of our end product in the most cost effective manner.

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