Aqua Brothers

Aqua Brothers
Aqua Brothers

AquaBrothers: A leading Desalination & Potable Water Supplier in South Africa

We supply a sustainable source of potable desalinated water from small to bulk orders. We bring water to every industry, in the Western Cape. We are  fully licensed and SANS 241 Accredited

Surrounded by a sea of knowledge, the AquaBrothers Desalination Plant in Velddrif, Western Cape follows a unique, desalination process which does not negatively impact the environment during the process.

The desalinated water which is produced in the plant for bulk distribution to leading shops in Western Cape Region and surrounds has significant health benefits for drinkers.

Mission Statement: We believe in sourcing and providing sustainable water solutions for South
Africans. Through desalination, we invest in our country’s need for
sustainable water.
021 492 6785 – Office
1 Velddrif, Velddrif, Western Cape, South Africa