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We believe in embracing all people of our nation – working together to bring true change. We put rooves
over heads, but we also put work boots on feet. We believe in giving real opportunity to young South
Africans, with genuine authority and responsibility. We believe in building our nation not only with bricks
and mortar, but with the powerful spark that comes from unity.

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Enviro loo
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Sanitation must be top of the agenda of every government department, aid agency, non-governmental organisation as well as businesses and institutions that value and respect life. That the sanitation crisis is worse in developing countries must not equate to sub-standard, “make-do” solutions with a disregard for human dignity; and it doesn’t have to. Technology and innovation are central to modern sanitation solutions that are affordable, safe, and sustainable.

At Enviro Loo we have developed a dry sanitation solution that is relevant for urban and rural communities, for developed and developing countries. We have a solution to a global problem. Governments, agencies, institutions, and businesses that, like us, value and respect life and want, and have the will, to ensure the universal human right of access to water and sanitation becomes a reality sooner rather than later, need to be acting now. It is a matter of life or death.

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Faithfuly to Nature

Faithful to Nature, South Africa’s most loved online health shop, was proudly founded in 2006. It’s our mission to provide an ever-expanding range of alternative products so you can keep yourself, your family, and our Earth safer. We’re pioneering ethical retail across the planet by being one of the first companies worldwide to check EVERY single ingredient of EVERY single product for toxicity before we stock it, and to ensure you have full ingredient lists available for all our items.

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Flush Buddy

FlushBuddy was initiated by Wesley Miller and together with life-long buddies, Trevor Maasdorp & Dylon Burgess, brought FlushBuddy to the market. The team tested various water saving solutions but was adamant that it had to be easy, effective and affordable. Their attention immediately turned to the toilet as it flushes away an enormous amount of water. With older toilets, an average flush uses about 12 liters of water and newer toilets between 6 – 9 liters. Daily use per day is estimated by the WTO to be between 6 – 10 flushes per person. It is recommended to use 2x FlushBuddy’s in a 12 liter toilet cistern which will result in a minimum saving of 4 liters per flush and 1x FlushBuddy in the newer toilets to save a minimum of 2 liters per flush. FlushBuddy fitted ONCE-OFF to 1 Million Toilets will easily save our city between 40-60 Million Liters of water daily, everyday for decades to come.


GoingGrey is a local company that believes in assisting every South African household to save money by saving water and electricity while simultaneously being environmentally friendly.

We save you the hassle by of searching far and wide to bring you the newest and most innovative products to save you time, money and of course the enviroment!

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Spex X pumps
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Speck Pumps is the greatest name in pumps in South Africa and the world, and we provide South Africa with a range of pool pumps and swimming pool accessories. For more than 108 years Speck Pumpen, with its corporate headquarters in Germany, has designed and produced innovative high quality pumps for the swimming pool industry worldwide.

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We are an online store with coverage throughout Southern Africa and beyond. Although we do not have any physical stores all our products are available for viewing online. Our offices are based in Cape Town. This e-commerce website is our online eco store. We offer deliveries nationwide and provide worldwide export.

The motivation for establishing Sustainable.co.za was to make it easy for the average person or household to improve their environmental ‘footprint’.  While many people are aware that serious local and global environmental problems exist, and that they are likely to be contributing to them in their daily lives, they have to do substantial research to find out which activities of theirs are the most environmentally damaging, as well as to find suppliers of goods or services which would help them reduce their ‘footprint’.

Few people have the time or inclination for such research, yet with access to the right products and information it is surprisingly easy to live a much more environmentally sustainable life.  Sustainable.co.za hopes to help people achieve this by providing the necessary information and eco-friendly products all in one location.


  • Supplies a wide range of eco-friendly goods to create sustainable lifestyles.
  • Provides information which alerts people to the local and global environmental situation.
  • Provides practical guidance on measures to live more sustainably.
  • Provides information on organizations that provide services linked to sustainable living, such as environmental consultancies and renewable energy expertise.
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Water Con

Water is a precious natural resource and we all use it on a daily basis. Water conservation needs to be a way
of life and not just something we think about every once in a while. If we all try and save a little water we
can make a huge difference for the environment and the generations that follow.

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Water From Air

Water from Air™ have the drinking solution. Unlike traditional sources like tap water and bottled water, Water from Air™ is truly available from source – the Air!

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