Water Treatment / Filtration

Alveo Water & Sanitation
11 Van Zyl Street, Gants Plaza, Strand

ALVEO specialises in the manufacturing, installation and operating of Activated Sludge, Membrane Bioreactor, Dissolved Air Flotation, Biogas and Water Treatment plants. ALVEO also constructs the entire civil and structural infrastructure component appurtenant to the mechanical plants. Our engineers and tradesmen include experienced civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as plumbers, electricians and metal workers. ALVEO has a fully equipped workshop for prefabricating the plants in-house before transport and installation on site. Our workshop is positioned to manufacture all water and wastewater related equipment for our clients. ALVEO together with SEC, provides a one-stop, turnkey solution in the water and energy fields for private, listed and public enterprises.

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NuWater Global
87 Capricorn Drive
Capricorn Park

NuWater provides a range of products, services and financing solutions to treat, desalinate or reclaim almost any quality and quantity of water.

Our innovative and technologically superior modular plants allow for rapid deployment and (if necessary) re-deployment, making them suited to a range of conventional and unconventional water treatment and desalination applications.

Wherever possible, NuWater aims also to minimise and extract value from any resultant waste streams.

Challenge us to clean your water.

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PCI Afirca
57 Rhodes Drive,

PCI Africa formerly Paterson Candy International (SA) (PTY) Limited has a history dating back to the 1870’s when Frank Candy began supplying filtration equipment around the world. PCI Africa was established in 1953 and has been at the forefront of water and wastewater treatment for nearly 60 years, with a staff of engineers and project managers, who have extensive experience in the water and sewage treatment fields, we believe we can assist and add value to your project.

PCI Africa’s primary role is as process contractor and solution provider in the water and wastewater treatment sectors. The company offers a variety of services from process design, plant design, project management, equipment manufacture, materials supply, installation, commissioning and where appropriate operation and maintenance.

Pure Water 4 Life
St Lucia Street, Glenroy Park, Port Elizabeth

Company Profile:
We are a local based company in Port Elizabeth with over 15 years of combined experience in the water treatment business.  We provide affordable water solutions for all.

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Tap Water SA
 812 10th Ave, Wonderboom South, Pretoria
  • Reverse osmosis system is all about water filtration and Purification.

  • We do Water Systems for Homes, Industries and Boreholes.

  • We would like to hear from you.

  • What you want us to present on the website.

  • Do you have any problem or even a question relating to water filtration systems.

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Water Purication System
Water Purification Solutions
14 Haumann St, Somerset West

The changing of our climate and dramatic growth in our population is putting more demand on our natural water sources. The main consumption occurring in the agricultural, industrial and domestic (potable) sectors. Quality water is essential for life and productivity, the only two options available are to produce more but ideally conserve and reuse what we currently have.

Water Purification Solutions as the name would describe offers turnkey water treatment systems for any water related issues. Our core focus being the design, manufacture, installation & operation of industrial water treatment systems.

The water purification systems manufactured by Water Purification Solutions incorporates a variety of technologies suited to the clients specific application. This can include flocculation, standard filtration, membrane filtration i.e. micro, ultra & nano, reverse osmosis and sterilising via UV, ozone or other oxidising agents. Offering the client the full range and top quality water treatment systems.

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African Horizon Technologies
309 Glenwood Road,
The Village Office Park Block C –
Ground Floor Faerie Glen 0081

We offer a complete water filtration and waste water treatment solutions for all industries. African Horizon Technologies through their Hydraspin product range is your source for innovative water treatment systems technology.

African Horizon Technology is a supplier of advanced, technology-based products that offer solutions to the mining-, oil & gas-, manufacturing-, food-industry. A South African-based equipment supply company, with a global reach, that supplies filtration, separation, and purification technologies. This technology is vital to various industries and to environmental management. We produce our products locally which allows for better turnaround time, service and tailor-made solutions.

With decades of experience in environmental engineering and filtration engineered solutions, African Horizon Technology provides the best solutions to meet your projects individual needs. Our experience in the mining industry, coupled with our flexibility of our systems, has provided us with the capability to offer the most effective solutions for oily water and waste water applications.

We understand the complexity of the mining, oil & gas industry, the importance of operational reliability and the daily demands faced by everyone in this industry. It is important that we understand your business, processes and day to day requirements, this enables us to develop a high level of confidence with our customers on our products and service delivery.

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086 616 4207
Aquamarine Water Treatment

Aquamarine Water Treatment (a business unit of Murray and Roberts Water), your specialist in the field of water treatment.

We have extensive knowledge in all processes from conventional water treatment to specialised Reverse Osmosis, Desalination and Ultra Filtration systems. All systems are designed and manufactured by our in-house design and manufacturing engineers and with our combined knowledge we can guarantee you the best quality at competitive prices.

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Aura Water
160 Dan King Street




It is our great pleasure to open this new channel of communications with you.  We are looking forward to developine a dialogue and a closer relationship with you via this website.

Our company is located in the Western Cape.  Hennie and Debbie (Owners) have been in direct marketing for 25 years, and in the water purification business for the last 15 years.  We have now recently installed a plant that supplies all the water for the major marathon events (example: Two Oceans) in the Western Cape area.  We also have a plant at Rhodes Foods and they supply Woolworths.

We are a South African Company, promoting products with its origins in Taiwan.  All the products that we do promote are a necessity an don’t a luxury in every household.

We have a passion for what we do and live by honesty and integrity.

We have unparalleled focus on people development – to promote individual excellence, teamwork and leadership by creating a participative and challenging environment for our dealers and distributors.

We have the highest regard for customer care and offer a specialized, personal service to our clients.

We will constantly strive to keep in touch with the speed of changing technology to ensure that our products remain marketable and that our people remain equipped to excel in a highly competitive field, to the benefit of both Company and individual.

Claus Water specialists
Charlson Building
Corner of Railway & Station Road
Montague Gardens
Cape Town

Drinking pure water is one of the easiest way to improve your health, vitality and mental performance.  Water also plays a vital role in muscle tone, skin health and regulation of body temperature – the catch… Only filtered water will ensure you stay healthy.

Remove chlorine, bacteria and contaminants from your drinking water.

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