Water Treatment / Filtration


Most of us already have some concerns about the safety of our drinking water and what contaminants it might contain. We can’t do much about the past that brought our water supplies to their current state or have much control over the quality of water before it enters our homes. We do, however, have a choice before it comes out of our taps.

Obviously we can’t stop drinking water and to ask local municipalities to improve their drinking water treatment systems would only mean an added tax burden for the entire community. We therefore believe the answer lies in installing your own household water treatment systems.

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Equilibrium Water

0A Muscat Rd, Rustdal, Cape Town, 7580, South Africa

Rain Water

Rainwater treatment is design according to your surrounding, please contact us for more details

Pool Water

We can offer a range of solution for your pool, replacing chlorine with UV/Ozone treatment, please contact us for more details

Grey/Black Water

We can take used water thought necessary steps in order to recycle the water for irrigation or even potable.

Treatment to comply with environmental requirements etc.

Borehole and Well-point water treatment

As the Western Cape is more and more drilling for water, clients are encountering various elements requiring treatments such as high level of Iron, creating staining, smell etc. Microbiological components needed to be removed, Sodium for boreholes near the sea etc.

Process Water | Cooling Tower

Process water is used for technical plants and processes, heat and power plants, and institutions.

Process water requires a more advanced and extensive treatment in order to fit its specific characteristics.

H2O International
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Introducing Our Pure Watermarks. A campaign that will make you aware of the mark water leaves on your well-being. Do it for your health, for your family and staff’s health, so that you can trust your water, enjoy great-tasting water and have comfort in knowing that we’re not going anywhere. Drink the best purified water from SA’s no. 1 water purification company.

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Maskam Water
Unit 2 & 3, 3 Viben Ave
Brackenfell Industrial

We import great quality pumps, wastewater treatment plants, water purification equipment, UVs, air purifiers, etc. from around the globe and redistribute that throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Maskam Water supplement these products with a range of products that we manufacture at our Brackenfell (Cape Town) facility, to offer turn-key solutions to our customers.

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10 Natal Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town

Purozone Water Equipment Distributors was established in 2005 and is a leading importer and distributor of water-related equipment and components. We supply quality products to the industry and have extensive technical knowledge and expertise in the various fields we service.

We pride ourselves on our quality of service and a large range of products that we supply at competitive prices.

We have a great track record for going above and beyond to help our clients find the perfect solution for their needs and will always try our best to source the required product if it is not in our current offering.

Browse through our comprehensive catalogue to see all our products.

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Veolia Water Technologies South Africa

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa helps industries and municipalities provide drinking water, deal with wastewater and work towards zero liquid discharge, with a focus on low-footprint, high-efficiency water treatment solutions.

As one of the leading water treatment companies in South Africa, Veolia targets the complete water treatment cycle, with over 350 proprietary technologies covering everything from pre-treatment to sludge treatment and water reuse.

We offer the full range of services required to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for southern Africa’s industrial clients and public authorities.

Our head office and chemical production facilities are located in Johannesburg, with regional offices in Durban and Paarl and international offices in Botswana and Namibia.

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Water Purifier for South Africa

We are an online only retail shop dedicated to making cleaner, safer water more available to South Africans. Our mission is to make a difference, offering water-filtering and water purification products that are both economical and can provide clean, fresh water for normal use, as well as emergencies.

We established our business in 2012 and since then we have sold hundreds of Berkey systems throughout South Africa and neighboring countries. We always strive to provide excellent service to our customers.

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Water Rhapsody
What we can do for you
    • Harvest your rainwater to supplement municipal water. Get you off the grid
    • Re-cycle your greywater to irrigate your garden.
    • Re-use greywater in schools & offices and factories. A Green solution
    • Re-use your back-washed pool water to save water.
    • Save on toilet flushing with Water Rapsody Multi Flush
    • Save up to 90% of your municipal water bill with our products
    • Unique energy saving technology for geysers and residential homes
Why Water Rhapsody?
  • Founded in 1994. A wealth of experience
  • 23 years of experience in water conservation. Now in energy.
  • Over 4000 installations in SA.
  • Clients include Old Mutual, Wits, UCT
  • Free quotations to green your homes. Get a free quote today
  • Nationwide coverage and seeking more dealers to help
  • Enthusiastic and knowledgeable franchisees
  • Read what our customers are saying here: Customers
Water Filters you can trust

Over the past 80 years, EVERPURE has become one of the world leaders in the manufacture of water filter systems. EVERPURE is trusted and used commercially by many leading food and beverage manufacturers.  Their research is extensive and their standards, high.

The patented EVERPURE water filter is manufactured for both the home and commercial market – the filtration system working on similar principles for either application.


Visit their website for more info.

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